Partners and References

We have tried to gather information from various websites so to better inform you on the importance of cleaning your dryer vent.  Also, below are some local companies which we endorse.

National Fire Prevention Association
Fact Sheet on Dryer Fires u0026amp; Safety Tips
US Fire Administration’s August 2012 Report “Clothes Dryer Fires in Residental Buildings  (2008-2010)”

Our Professional Partners
All of our Partners offer excellent customer service and satisfaction.  Like us, they value your business and work to maintain it for years to come!  We have worked with every one of the companies below and have seen their happy customers.

Houston Home Appliance Repair
Quality and Affordable Appliance Repair Service.

Mosquito Scott
With all the rain that has fallen in our city, we are expecting an increase in mosquitoes.

Benchmark’s Parts Today
Providing Appliance Parts for Most Brands to the public. Great company!!

A great resource web site on information regarding getting your air ducts cleaned.

Call Jeff: Handyman Services  281-460-2482

Richard’s Handyman Services 281-989-9331

All Katy Service

Steve Slaton Appliance Repair – Serving Katy and West Houston

HS Appliance Repair

Justified Appliance

Village Plumbing

Appliance Home Service

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