How to Pick the Right Company

When doing a Google search of dryer vent cleaning we find many “companies” offering this service with quite a range of pricing and types of methods.  This article, however, will be looking at the businesses themselves and not the technique of dryer vent cleaning.

I started West Houston Dryer Vent after being unable to find a reliable and honest company to help me get our dryer vent cleaned.  Of course, I saw the business opportunity of running a legitimate and honest business where there were very few but also a chance to help our community.

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    Fast forwarding to today, I still get phone calls weekly from someone who fell for the coupon, Groupon, or got tricked by a company that was not what they claimed to be on the internet.  Over the years, I have put together a list of questions and simple things people can do to protect themselves.

  2. Do not go by price alone.  When calling around for pricing ensure that you ask about warranties and if the technicians are background checked and CLEAR of felonies.  It’s important to know that the technicians coming into your home have been properly vetted.  Secondly, ensure their service warranty is clearly posted publicly as well as their return call policy?  Few companies are like us, where we have no hidden charges, fees, nor agenda.
  3. How long have they been serving the Houston area?  We see companies every day that spring up saying they’ve been cleaning dryer vents for years.  However, their website is new, and there are very few online reviews?  We been in business a little over eight years and are very proud of our work check us out. Also, be leery of companies operating under many different names that target an area you live in. For example, just because their name has “Spring” in it, doesn’t mean they are from Spring.
  4. Companies claiming to be affiliated to a public service company.  Sites that claim, by association to be part of a public service company aren’t.  Most fire departments, police departments, and the like have a “conflict of Interest” policy disallowing this type of behavior.  Ask yourself how many “police department security” companies do you see around?  If in doubt call the agency referenced and see if there is an affiliation.
  5. Insured and Bonded.  Insurance should be carried with a minimum of $1 million in liability.  A Bond is put up with the state for regulated industries, and dryer vent cleaning is not one of them, so there is no such thing as bonded in our field.  It never hurts to ask to see a current copy of a company’s insurance policy

Finally, use your instincts.  If it is too good to be true, then it usually is.  Call us should you ever have any questions.

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