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Welcome to Houston's premier dryer vent cleaning company.  We offer tailored services around your needs with up-front flat rate pricing and our five star service.  Our specialties include: Dryer vent cleaning (of course), dryer vent booster fans repair and installation, and complete rebuilding of the vent system itself.

Experience the WHDV difference:
  • Up-front flat rate pricing.  No coupons nor any other sales gimmicks.  Flat rate fees for all services and no service call charges. Once quoted there are no further charges.
  • Dryer vent cleaning and repair is all we do; no up sell on another service. All of our equipment is designed just for cleaning the vent system.
  • We are the booster fan experts in Houston.  No other company has the experience or knowledge in relation to booster fans.
  • We back our work with a 6 month warranty on dryer vent cleaning and 1 year warranty on all repairs.  Along with our warranty is our 125% money back guarantee.  After the warranty period our inspections are free; we do not have any call out charges.
  • Group rate discounts for neighbors or neighborhoods who need our service.  We confirm the date and assign technicians just for that area.
  • Hourly time slots for your technicians arrival time.  This reduces any time off work and frees up your day.  We always call before arriving so you know exactly when the technician arrives.
  • Same/Next day appointments are usually available.  Of course this depends on the amount of service calls verses technicians available.
  • Every employee is a Veteran of the United States Military. Not only due we conduct background checks and drug screening we do not hire felons or anyone with a dubious background.
  • Proud members of the BBB. 
  • Check out our services page and about us page for more information.

Remember, 125% Money Back Guarantee

West Houston Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Before and After Pictures of our Cleaning Process

 Before We Clean a VentA Clean Dryer Vent  

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Please be aware of scams which taint our industry. Check out our FAQ page for common questions and how to avoid scams.

Check out Inside Edition story on the Dangers of not cleaning your dryer vent:


Fire season is here; time to get your house in order!

Dryer fires account for more than 15,000 fires every year in the US and can easily be avoided.  Get your dryer vent cleaned this month to get ready for a safe and enjoyable holiday season.  Remember to:

  1. Ensure the batteries in your fire alarm are fresh.
  2. Have a charged full size fire extinguisher for every floor of your home.
  3. Have no open electrical sockets in the home.
  4. Have a Plan; discuss with your family what to do in case there is a fire.

Why Clean Your Dryer Vent?

  • Safety:  Dryer fires are a leading cause of  household fires and are on the increase. The main cause of these fires is the build up of lint which causes the ignition. However, fires are not the only damage a dryer vent can cause to your home; water damage and appliance failure are two of the other common issues we see regularly.  Please read the rest of the article here.

  • Savings: Drastically reduced drying times by allowing your dryer to work properly. Most homeowners see up to a $30 reduction on their energy bill. Once your vent is cleaned you'll benefit from faster drying times.  For more benefits of having dryer vent cleaning click here.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs:   Save the cost of having a repair call  by ensuring the maintenence of dryer vent cleaning completed yearly.  Clothes dryers will overheat when the vent is restricted or clogged.  This causes them to breakdown and results in costly repair bills. A clean vent increases the airflow and allows the dryer to work more efficiently. 

Symptoms of a Clogged Dryer Vent:

  1. Clothes taking more than one cycle to dry.

  2. The top of the dryer is hot to the touch.

  3. Your clothes are still damp and smell moldy.

  4. Water is visible around or behind the dryer.

Check out our FAQ page if your not sure your dryer vent is restricted or the dryer is not working.
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